Nikita in Chocolate Brakemon


  • Date of Birth: 08.06.2010
  • Father: Cyrano Brakemon
  • Mother: Beeberry Brakemon

We got Maggie at the same time as Sára, August 2010. She’s my “shadow” and a strong bond exists between us. Maggie doesn’t have a good result in HD and her character isn’t entirely balanced. For that reason she isn’t going to be used for breeding. None of that changes the fact that she has her plus points, nor that she’s growing into a beautiful cocker ‘lady’. We’ve also had success with her at exhibitions. On 5.5.2012 she passed a hunter examen with third prize.

Date Exhibition Judge Class Award
11.09.2011 Regional dog show Týn nad Vltavou O. Vondrouš junior Ex2
14.07.2012 NDS M. Boleslav Z. Konderla (PL) open Ex3
07.10.2012 IDS Č. Budějovice Mgr. J. Janek (SK) open Ex1, CAC
24.08.2013 NDS M. Boleslav P. Řehánek (CZ) open Ex1, CAC