31.8.2016 - Aaron and Brooklyn, our boys

13.8.2016 - IDS Mladá Boleslav

Judge Mr. Pavel Šulcek

Very good results for us, in this show....

  • Bianca ze Senických polí : young class : Excellent 1, CAJC
  • Brooklyn ze Senických polí: young class : Excellent 2
  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí : working class : Excellent 1, CAC....she is a new Czech Champion
  • Alonso ze Senických polí : open class : Excellent 1, CAC
  • Aaron ze Senických polí : working class : Excellent 1, CAC ČMKU, CACIB

Many thanks to judge and Simona (owner of Aaron and Brooklyn).

16.7.2016 - National dog show Mladá Boleslav

Judge : Mrs .Ing. J. Jindřichovská

  • junior class : Brooklyn ze Senických polí : Excellent 1, CAJC
  • junior class : Beyonce ze Senických polí : Excellent 1
  • open class : Alonso ze Senických polí : Excellent 1, CAC
  • working class : Aaron ze Senických polí : Very good 1
  • winner class : Royal Friend Silent Night : Excellent 2, res. CAC

25.4.2015 - New awards our "babies"

The cockers of my kennel and their results from shows... a little bit news

9.4.2016 - National dog show Ostrava

Judge: Ing. Z. Antonovič

  • Beyonce ze Senických polí: puppy class: very promising 1

23.4.2016 - IHA České Budějovice

Judge: Ing . J. Jindřichovská

  • Bianca ze Senických polí: puppy class: very promising 1
  • Alonso ze Senických polí: open class: excellent 1, CAC
  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: working class: excellent 1

9.11.2015 - Puppies - 6 weeks

All new photos are in puppies and photo gallery section.

12.10.2015 - Litter B

All puppies growing so well. Kylie is a very good mumm. We care about all, and we have pleasure with all of them. We have new photos in photo gallery.

10.10.2015 - IHA České Budějovice

Judge: Jasna Matejič (HR)

  • Alonso ze Senických polí : intermediate : Excellent II, res.CAC
  • Aaron ze Senických polí : open class : Excellent II, res. CAC

It was pleasure for me, spent the time on the show, with thisis boys....

20.8.2015 - We are expecting puppies!

We are expecting in the end of Semptember, birth of blue roan and live roan puppies. Both parents are genetically tested  PRA prcd clear, FN clear, HD 0/0. Sticky and Kylie have a very well balanced natures. We are waiting for our B liter.

8.8.2015 - Club show KCHLS Pardubice

Judge: Bob Jackson (UK)

Very, very hot day..... Results of my cockers are very nice for me!

  • Ava ze Senických polí: intermediate class: Excellent 1, CAC - she finished a Czech Junior champion title!!! I am so proud of she and she´s owner MUDr. S.Peková. Thank you so much, girls.....
  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: working class: Excellent 1, CAC

anglický kokršpanělanglický kokršpaněl

anglický kokršpanělanglický kokršpaněl

23.5.2015 - CACIB Litoměřice

Judge: Zofia Konderla (PL). Beauty results for our "A" team, I think!

  • Alonso ze Senických polí: junior class: Excellent 1, CAJC
  • Ava ze Senických polí: junior class: Excellent 3
  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: junior class: Excellent

8.5.2015 - Hunter examen

Arwen - I.price, res.CACT

Kylie - II. price

25.4.2015 - IHA České Budějovice

Beauty and sunny day and very good results for us. I am very happy!

Judge: Susanne Höger (Austria)

  • Alonso ze Senických polí: junior class: Excellent 2
  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: intermediate class: Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB
  • Royal Friend Silent Night: open class: Excellent 1, CAC

Alonso and Arwen ze Senických polí21.1.2015 - Health

Very good resulsts for us:


  • Alonso ze Senických polí - HD A/A (0/0), PRA clear
  • Arakain ze Senických polí - HD B/B (1/1)
  • Aaron ze Senických polí - HD A/A (0/0)
  • Arwen ze Senických polí -  HD A/A (0/0), PRA carrier


Tested by:

  • HD - MVDr. J. Šebek.CSc. České Budějovice

3.1.2015 - National Dog Show Brno

My girls of litter "A" maked me very happy, today....

Judge: Mr. Petr Studeník (CZ)

Junior class female (5):

  • Ava ze Senických polí: Excellent I., CAJC, BOJ
  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: Excellent II.

14.12.2014 - Advent Cocker Club Show Brno 13.12.2014

hotel Voroněž Brno, judge Mrs. Sarah Amos - Jones (GB).

Alonso: junior class (7 males) - excellent II

Arwen Arca: junior class (6 females) - excellent III

I am very proud of them!


Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015!

2.11.2014 - duo cacib pRAHA

DUO CACIB Praha, very nice results for us.... I am very happy!



1.11.2014 - judge Ivan Vasiljevic (Srb)

  • junior class male: Alonso ze Senickýc polí: Excellent 1, CAJC
  • junior class female: Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: Excellent II


2.11.2014 - judge MC CarryCarrol Angi (Ir)

  • junior class male: Arakain ze Senických polí: Excellent 1, CAJC
  • junior class female: Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: Excellent II
  • working class female: Sally z Blatova: Excellent 1, CAC

28.10.2014 - European and national dog show Brno

On the NDS and EDS in Brno 25.-26.10. 2014 our Alfréd, Alonso and Arwen Arca presented very well... I am so proud of them!


NDS Brno 25.10.2014

Junior class male, judge: Marja Jaakkola (Fin)

  • Alonso ze Senických polí: Excellent II
  • Alfréd ze Senických polí: Excellent III

Junior class female, judge: Miloš Kašpar (CZ)

  • Arwen Arca ze Senických polí: Excellent III


EDS Brno 26.10.2014

Junior class male, judge: Miloš Kašpar (CZ)

  • Alfréd ze Senických polí: Excellent

27.9.2014 - IDS Brno

Judge: Vladimír Piskay (SK)

Great new from owner Mudr.S.Peková: AVA in junior class: Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ !!!

Big congrats and many thanks for this result and care about, AVA!!! I am very proud .

1.9.2014 - CACIB Mladá Boleslav 30.8.2014

Judge: Doval Sanches José Miguel (Esp)

Arwen Arca ze Senických polí - puppy class - Very promising 1

Sally z Blatova - champion class - Excellent 2, res. CAC


1.5.2014 - Club show Brno

On the Club show in Brno Alonso and Arwen Arca, made very good work. They gave very beautiful results, and their´s presentations were really very nice. I am happy with them!


Alonso ze Senických polí - puppy class - judge: Sue Shinkfield (UK) - VP 1

Arwen Arca ze Senických polí - puppy class - judge: Penny Lester (UK) - VP 1

28.4.2014 - IDS České Budějovice

Our Royal Friend Silent Night "Kylie" in intermediate class - Exc. 1, CAC.

We are very happy and proud of our liver roan girl!

I am very happy! All my puppies have a excellent new famillies. They growing so good, have a beauty care and more love... Many thanks to my owners!  Some photos, of meeting in our home...

More photos from new famillies in gallery.

1.2.2014 - New photos

New photos of puppies 5 weeks old. They are growing so well. The litter is very good balanced...

We are proud of all of them...

New photos are in section Puppies and Gallery.

23.1.2014 - News in the puppies world

In section puppies are new photos our lovely puppies.

12.1.2014 - Puppies: New photos

The new puppies are a source of joy as is the way Aisha coped with giving birth the wonderful care she's taking of the newborns. All of the puppies are doing extremely well. For now the room where they were born has been enough for them but today they opened their eyes for the first time, are able to 'bark' and are beginning to stand on their own feet. As a result we're slowly increasing their territory.

You can find more photos of the new puppies in the photo gallery.

31.12.2013 - First photo of the new puppies

We wish you all the best for the forthcoming year and hope it gets off to a good start!

We've also added the first picture of our new puppies and their proud mother.

27.12.2013 - Puppies

On 26 December Aisha gave birth to 6 puppies. Two orange roan males, to blue roan males, and to orange roan females. The birth went very well and the puppies came quickly into the world. Photos and further information will be posted soon.

13.12.2013 - PF 2014

18.11.2013 - We're expecting puppies!

Aisha's pregnancy has been confirmed. The puppies are due around Christmas. You can find out more in the section 'puppies'.


The parents of the expected litter are

Multi Champion, JCh. CZ & SK

ZAK Skar-line c.r.

Champion CZ & SK, Grand Champion CZ

SALLY z Blatova

7.11.2013 - Website launched

We’ve successfully launched a website for our English Cocker Spaniel kennel. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our pages.